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Fantastic 24 January 2016
Lovely amp for a lovely price. Great separation, warm sound and the bluetooth facility works really well.
5 Star Review

Awesome 23 January 2016
This amp needs a little getting used to as it sounds and looks quite different. Lovely smooth sound. The Bluetooth aptx is particularly impressive. The streaming quality from my i pad is virtually indistinguishable from cd. My only criticism is the plastic controls which aren't that smooth, but for the price at RS you really can't complain!
5 Star Review

Awesome 18 January 2016
First tube system I've had. This is preamp only.
With http://www.richersounds.com/product/standmount-speakers/cambridge-audio/sx50/camb-sx50-blk speakers the sound is breath-taking.
Bluetooth range is small. One room only.
5 Star Review

So Good You Will Need New Speakers!!! 12 January 2016
Brilliant gadget. looks good sounds great and you get speaker wire and banana plugs in the box too. Bluetooth is brilliant as you can save phono inputs for higher quality sources. 28 Watts plenty for largish flat, and have not got close to full volume, despite the dancing magic eye level meter bopping away. Previous reviews absolutely right in that vocals are clearer and easier to understand. Like a good projector makes you want to watch your old movies, this amp has got me listening to old school tunes afresh. Now thinking about new speakers to really get this fatman to sing.
5 Star Review

Great Little Amp 6 January 2016
I bought this amp for desktop music monitoring and mixing, I am mainly using it to transfer my old vinyl records through a mixing desk with USB connection to my computer, I use Cubebase software to record the records.
The head phone output from the amp is very clean with very little back ground noise even at high volume levels.
I have only used the amp with head phones and a pair of small desktop monitors so I can't say how it would perform with floor standers but I guess it would be very good for its size and price, what I can say is that the recordings I have made have sounded outstanding played on my main system, so the Fatman Mi tube 2 is giving me good referencing.
The amp takes up very little room on my desk and looks great in Black with the orange glow of the valves and volume display on the front main valve.
Highly recommended if you only need a couple of inputs and Blutooth.
5 Star Review

Wonderful Sound 13 December 2015
Have had the Fatman running for a few days now. First valve amp I've had since 1967! Still experimenting with various speakers from a vinyl source, but all produce a better sound than the digital equivalent (and that's using a cheap Ion turntable/arm/cartridge). Hope to get a quality turntable package in the near future now that I know the quality of sound that can be obtained using the Fatman amp.
5 Star Review

The Sound! 5 December 2015
Spectacular rich, warm sound. Details emerge from music which I have not previously been aware of, particularly in vocals. 28 watts per channel easily fills my living room, which is no tiny box.
The amplifier looks fantastic - glowing valves and LEDs, together at last!
Bluetooth feature works a treat.
5 Star Review

Excellent Product 30 October 2015
Old John
I wasn't expecting overmuch from this cheap valve hybrid. I just wanted a small amp to play music from my PC. I have been using an old Technics compact setup. (40 watts per channel into 6ohms) Using the same speakers the improvement in quality was superb. OK its not up to the same power and quality as my main NAIM Monitor system, but for less than a 10th the price its amazing.
5 Star Review

Outstanding 19 October 2015
Needed an integrated amp to replace my Sony surround amp due to limited space. Not had a valve amp since the 70's as I was under the impression you had to spend a lot of money to get a decent one, not so. The sound quality through my B&W 600 (obsolete now) shelf speakers is accurate in the high end, punchy at the base end and warm in the mid range. I did wondered about the lack of bass and treble adjustment but then got to thinking, maybe the sound engineer who arranged the original recording knows a thing or two about how the recording should sound, so I took the plunge (on the advice of the staff at the Milton Keynes branch) and am so pleased I did. The two valves will last for thousands of hours and can be replaced yourself for less than a tenner each. Give this amp a try, you won't believe the rich sound from such a small unit and don't be put off by the 28 watts per channel, it's more than enough to fill a large lounge with capacity to spare. Many thanks to RS.
5 Star Review

Looks cool and great sound 14 September 2015
I was lucky enough to have Andy at the Kingston branch serving me when I went in to ask for some advice about setting up my 1210's with a smaller amp than i had previously. He knew exactly what I wanted and gave me amazingly good advice. Thoroughly recommend using The Kingston branch as they were very helpful and Andy especially. Top man! The Amp looks very cool and the sound from the Cambridge Audio speaker and pre-amp are perfect for our room. Great quality.
5 Star Review

The best bluetooth amp for the money 11 September 2015
I bought this for a friend of mine in Mexico after he had seen and heard my Fatman Itube-red-i, with upgraded speakers.He could not find this product in Mexico and asked if i could pick one up for him. Ill deliver it to him next month when i go to visit.Its compact and is bluetooth enabled, plus you can connect other sources via phono leads.It has a crisp warm feel to its sound and does not lack in punch when you want to crank it up a bit. Coupled with some well balanced speakers it truely is something lovely to listen too. Its retro values will also create a talking point when you have visitors over. Seriously worth every penny.
Pros - ease of use, looks cool, sounds great, switches from 240v to 110v
Cons - nothing at this price
5 Star Review

Really Really Good! 15 August 2015
I'm very happy with this amp. I read the reviews prior to my purchase and it's exceeded my expectations. It's a nice little size with a unique design.The valves glow and make the amp look sexy and classy. Connecting with Bluetooth to my Ipad was easy. The music on the Ipad has been ripped in Apple Lossless quality. With well produced albums like the Eagles etc the quality via Bluetooth is superb. I matched this amplifier with a pair of Cambridge SX60 speakers and I'm very pleased with my choice. The clarity is very impressive. It's true that this amp produces a nice warm sound. The output of 28 watts per channel might seem a little low, but in practice it's actually loud enough for my needs and you can drive this amp hard if needed, it holds up well been pushed when using Apples Lossless quality. Considering the price of this amp together with the speakers comes in at under £350, this is an outstanding system for the money. I highly recommend this Bluetooth amplifier, it's a bargain.
5 Star Review

Great top end and vocals even ignoring the very agreeable price 27 March 2015
I haven't listened to valve sound since I was a nipper tuning in on medium wave on grandads radiogram. Wow, what a surprise. Just like the reviews on top end valve gear tell you, this little beastie can really cut the mustard. It has a fabulously open airey top end and a natural vocal midrange. The best way I can compare it to solid state amplification is to say that its just like having a load of mush removed from the mid range and top. I just seem to be noticing even lyrics that I have hither to not heard, let alone new instruments. Chords sound more like chords too. The only aspect of the sound that doesnt quite hit the spot is the bass which souns a bit confused even though it has truly great depth on my floor standers. Can the fat man can sort that out for a sub £200 price tag ?
4 Star Review

Beautiful. Both to listen to, and look at., 30 Jan. 2015
Andrew Nicholson
This review is from: Fatman Mi-Tube 2 Bluetooth Hybrid Valve Amplifier (Electronics)
I've recently subscribed to Qobuz, and wanted to see what it would be like to run Flac, 24-Bit HD quality sound through my phone to this amp using the Bluetooth. I has my reservations, surely I'd lose sound quality?
Not at all. The amp and connection quality is immaculate. Can't believe the price I got it for either!
5 Star Review

Great little amp 31 December 2014
IvanMy (Glasgow, UK)
Initially I thought there would be too few inputs, but with most things now streamed across my network, that whole idea becomes superfluous. In fact there are three with the Bluetooth which are more than enough.
The sound is nice. I listen to a lot of ECM and for me it works well with that genre.
And last but not least it is cheap. So if you decide you don't like it, its not as if you dropped several grand for it.
5 Star Review

A real gem of an amp 05 December 2014
PJL01 (Warwickshire, UK)
Having used some very expensive hi-fi amps in the past I can say that this little amp, although far cheaper, is preferable to any of them. It is a lovely sounding little amp that makes both music and DVD soundtracks hugely entertaining. It has a lovely warm, sweet sound that never becomes overbearing or tiring and always sound natural rather than being artificially 'hyped-up'. Don't be fooled by the ridiculously low asking price - this is a quality amp that can easily compete with amps costing thousands of pounds if your aim is simply to be able to enjoy music at home without any 'nasties' in the sound. It is surely destined to be an absolute classic.
5 Star Review

The only affordable amp I can have on show 21 November 2014
Simon ML (London, UK)
My wife likes a minimalist look, so my old Onkyo AV amplifier had to go, it just wasn't 'pretty' enough. She spotted this and was smitten, it looks stunning.
I was worried that the Fatman would struggle to drive my Mission floorstanders, given it's 28W output per channel is down near the minimum they require at 25W. I was also concerned that other reviews have suggested it lacks base punch given I rather enjoy a thumping baseline.
RS Holborn assured me these demo'd well with floorstanders, I didn't have time to listen myself, so took a punt. I shouldn't have worried, the sound is great, and the base (after a bit of equaliser magic on my source - no base control on this bare bones amp) sounds just fine - more than enough for my needs.
The volume won't go nearly as high as that from my old amp, but the sound doesn't distort with the dial on max and frankly that's too loud for any need of mine, so it doesn't affect my experience.
5 Star Review

No longer blue 16 November 2014
amnesiacradar (Doncaster, UK)
Bluetooth and valve technology is completely sublime. It looks great, like the burning embers of a fire. The sound is lively and lovely, I had an Exposure XX before this and that cost £650 in 1992 and I prefer the sound of the Fatman. It's great looking and sounds fantastic and it's cheap and I can't recommend it enough.
5 Star Review

Mi tube amp 7 Oct. 2014
Mr. Roy Tomkinson (Wales-UK)
This review is from: Fatman Mi-Tube 2 Bluetooth Hybrid Valve Amplifier (Electronics)
Superb amp, use with serious floor speakers and hi end cd player and enjoy detailed, spacious and powerful sound. This amp performs far better than its price would suggest . Buy one and hear your music as it should be.
5 Star Review

Great Sound! 30 August 2014
I was concerned at first paying 150 for what seemed like a basic amp that could've been repaced by an 10 pound ebay special....but boy was I wrong!!! The sound is amazing very rich and clear connected to my eltax floor speakers....can't rave more about this product one of the few things I've bought suppased my expectations and more....WOWZER...LOL
5 Star Review

Super Hybrid Valve Amp 1 May 2014
Alan James
This review is from: Fatman Mi-Tube 2 Bluetooth Hybrid Valve Amplifier (Electronics)
Superb sounding high quality bluetooth amp i was pretty sceptical about the whole bluetooth quality but this really does sound sweet warm and detailed and great for listening to reggae just buy it!
5 Star Review

Looks great and sounds good 21 April 2014
Smiler (Yorkshire, UK)
Very easy to set up - powering my Bose cube speakers and sub, clear top notes, possible lack of deep base.
Connected to lots of Bluetooth devices with a direct range of 30ft.
4 Star Review

Fatman iTube 202 REVIEW

Beutiful retro appearance, gorgeous warm, smooth but powerful sound 10 October 2014
Macula (Nottingham, UK)
I've had this amp for approx. two years now and I love everything about it ! It is pure fun, and to add to all the enjoyment of the way it looks with those lovely glowing valves and its unusual shape, it actually sounds fantastic as well (- at least to my ears !). It sounds smooth and warm but there is also plenty of power - easily equal to my conventional amp in my opinion. I use it mainly with an iPod (but also have cd), and some good quality stand mount speakers. Tireless hours of listening pleasure. Go and have a listen to one and see what you think !!!
4 Star Review

Beutiful retro appearance, gorgeous warm, smooth but powerful sound 10 October 2014
Macula (Nottingham, UK)
I've had this amp for approx. two years now and I love everything about it ! It is pure fun, and to add to all the enjoyment of the way it looks with those lovely glowing valves and its unusual shape, it actually sounds fantastic as well (- at least to my ears !). It sounds smooth and warm but there is also plenty of power - easily equal to my conventional amp in my opinion. I use it mainly with an iPod (but also have cd), and some good quality stand mount speakers. Tireless hours of listening pleasure. Go and have a listen to one and see what you think !!!
4 Star Review

Fatman iTube 452 Integrated Tube Amplifier with ValveDock 01 February 2011
Editor (Canada HiFi site)
You may have heard of a relatively new comer to the audio component business, a little company called Fatman. Since its inception in 2006, Fatman has captured the interest of iPod owners with its high performance, tube-based amplifiers and docks designed specifically for the iPod. And as it turns out, the company isn't that little after all. Fatman is owned by TL Audio, a UK-based company that has been manufacturing professional audio valve products since 1993. Read the full review

Beautiful piece of valve objet d-art that sounds as good as it looks, but with its iPod dock is in tune with contemporary vices 09 June 2010
Withdoctor (NZ Technology site)
Just as Harley Davidson managed to stay in business and flourish after the explosion of Japanese multi-cylinder bikes hit the marketplace during the '70s, valve amplifiers have managed to weather the transistor-based storm and are now a regular part of the hi-fi mainstream once again. Read the full review
5 Star Review

Fatman iTube 452 18 August 2008
Nate Lanxon (C|Net)
Comparing valve-based amps to transistor-based amp is like comparing vinyl to the compact disc -- both have their strengths, and a preference is subjective. TLA Audio's Fatman brand produces valve-based amps, backed up by years of experience building for professional recording studios.. Read the full review
5 Star Review

It looks great and is constructed with wood and covered with leather 2 April 2015
Tony Swain (UK Record Producer)
I wanted to give my honest opinion on the Music Box One that I was asked to check out. Firstly, it looks great and is constructed with wood and covered with leather. It is compact, feels solid and is well made. I have heard many similar types of units and they all sound very disappointing, plastic-like and usually have an unrealistic price tag attached.
When you look at the physical size of the Music Box One and it is definitely small, the sound that comes out of it is really great and surprising. I consider this due to the wood construction, the bass radiators and 10 watts (2 x 5 watts per channel) of power coming from a decent amplifier. It doesn't end there because it has a large smooth response and incredibly low distortion when pushed. If you position it carefully, the bass radiators really start to enhance the low end. Whether it is hard pop or classical this unit can handle it. There are so many claims made by manufacturers about their product and this little unit really delivers especially when fed from a quality source. There is a further bonus of apt-X Bluetooth or line in connection, remote phone charging and hands free phone operation in case a call comes in while you are lost in your music library. I demonstrated mine to a musician/producer friend and he bought five of them! It is everything I would now expect from the Fatman brand, top quality...Enough said!
5 Star Review

Love this soooo much!!! 3 October 2014
Gaynia Swift
Fab sound and exactly what I have been looking for. What a great buy!!
5 Star Review

Brilliant 1 May 2014
Joseph Jacob Jordan
Having used a lot of audio speaker devices I would have to say this product is by far the best for portability, styling and quality ! Value for money, you won't be disappointed!
5 Star Review

Fatman S.State 60 Amplifier 13 March 2015
HeatherAF (Inverness, UK)
Delighted with this product, looks classy, and does exactly what we wanted. Ordered on Sunday and received on Wednesday night.
Customer service from John Lewis great as usual.
5 Star Review

The headphones are really great.. 2 September 2015
Tony Swain(UK record Producer)

..very clear and transparent and deep solid bass without swamping everything else.

I have the Dre beats as well and they are pretty good with lovely packaging etc but I find them a little dull and confused plus the bass is out of control.
I would be happy to record with yours if it was not possible for speaker monitoring because they have a clarity to them it makes the stereo image and instrument placement easier to focus on...